Reign in Me

February 12, 2019 — Krystal Craven
Person on mountain top with arms held up with overlaying text that says, "Reign in Me"

As a child of God and Spirit filled follower of Jesus, there’s an innate desire to be close to Him in full fellowship that the Godhead enjoys. When my family and I had first moved from SoCal to NorCal, we were renting a house while we shopped for a house to buy. We had a routine of looking at a handful of houses in one trip and if there were any we were considering, we would go back to the house we were renting, pray, and read to see what God had to say about it. We had come to the point in that journey that we had offered on 5 different houses and were in the middle of an offer on a 6th house. There were some things about this offer that part way in we realized God was telling us we can’t say yes to and we needed to pull out. At that point we were tired of house shopping, tired of constantly being told our offer was beat by another, and wondering why God told us to offer when He was going to have us pull out of it. That night in our devotions together, we heard Him say that while He was glad that we were seeking His will for where we should buy, we had lost sight of seeking His face simply to grow our relationship with our God. So we took time off of looking for a house and just spent time with God in our devotions. When the time came to start looking again, our first batch of houses we found a house that was the best we had seen yet and got confirmation to go ahead and offer on it. Less than 24 hours later, we were in escrow!

We got the keys and moved into our house with only mattresses, some clothes, and bathroom necessities to fill it. Why did we not have all our stuff? Weeeell….when we were moving, God had told us to put all our stuff in storage and go. At the time we didn’t know how things would turn out, but we put our stuff in storage and He ended up opening the door to rent a fully furnished house, minus beds. So we owned our new house in NorCal and had all our stuff in storage in SoCal. My husband flew down and he and my dad packed all our stuff from storage into a moving truck and drove up. The intermittent time while they were packing up in SoCal, I was home on the first night alone in the living room with a camping chair as my kids slept. As I thought about the journey we had just come through, what I had learned from my ever so loving, kind, and gentle God, I got out my guitar with an overwhelming desire to purely seek His face and worship Him and this was what came out.



Reign in Me

Krystal Craven

Key: E
Tempo: 71
Meter: 6/8
Sequence: V1, C, V2, C, B, C, C, Outro

Intro: C#m   B   A (1x)

Verse 1:
C#m   B               A
   I come before You, Lord
C#m   B             A
   I offer You my praise
C#m   B                   A
   I want to commune with You
C#m   B                A
   Oh Father, Son, and Spirit

E        B
Reign in me
         C#m						A
Come and fill this place with Your presence and glory
E        B
Reign in me
    C#m		  		  A
I'm here to seek Your face

Verse 2:
C#m   B            A
  I remember Your body
C#m         B           A
  By Your stripes I am healed
C#m   B             A
  I remember Your blood
C#m   B              A
  It washed away my sin
Now I can enter in

      C#m   G#m      A
You cleansed me from my sin
     C#m   B       A
I'm reconciled to You
    C#m     G#m        A
I'm here to meet with You, God
    C#m   B       A
And glorify Your Name

	C#m      B         A
I'm here to seek Your face
    C#m      B         A
I'm here to seek Your face
                E      A
Pour out Your grace
            E        A       E
Come fill this place