Person on mountain top with arms held up with overlaying text that says, "Reign in Me"
Reign in Me

You know that desire to meet with God and seek His face as you commune with Him, heart to heart, in worship? This song sprung from that desire.

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A road with the words Move and We'll Follow over it.
Move, and We'll Follow

Sometimes God calls us to pick up and move, whether that be in physical location, ministry, job, etc. That can be scary, unnerving, and stir doubt in us, but God's unchanging character builds confidence in what He asks us to do.

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Krystal holding a guitar, cover art for song
Here I Am (Send Me)

God's very heart is missions. He sent Jesus on a mission to save us and He desires His people to be on mission for His kingdom. With a harvest so plentiful, who will go and who shall He send?

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