Move, and We'll Follow

September 4, 2018 — Krystal Craven
A road with the words Move and We'll Follow over it.

My daughter’s school was in the process of moving to a new campus location and their leadership team had described this season as an Abraham moment. As I reflected on the many promises of God that have come true in the past and present, it builds my faith to remember them and push forward knowing that He will come through as well in the future. We just need to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him, trusting in His sovereign will and when He moves, follow.



Move and We’ll Follow

Krystal Craven

Key: E
Tempo: 80
Sequence: V1, C, C, V2, C, C, B, C, C

Intro: C#m   G#m   A (2x)

Verse 1:
C#m      G#m         A
You told Abraham to move
C#m               G#m         A
All Your promises to him came true
C#m                G#m         A
Today we know that You are the same God
    C#m   B        A
And we--- trust in You

E				B
Move and we’ll follow
We want to see You lifted high
We want to see you glorified

Verse 2:
   C#m            G#m               A
We might not know where we’re going yet
    C#m              G#m               A
But we can know that You’ll be with us every step
     C#m                   G#m                     A
Your Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path
    C#m        B        		A
And we--- will keep our eyes on You, Lord

B		C#m		A
Not our will be done
B		 		  C#m	    A
But Your will, Oh Sovereign One
   B		     C#m	  A
We surrender our lives to You
     B	   C#m	  A
As a sacrifice of praise
            C#m    B				A		B
I love Your presence, I love Your presence, God
C#m			   B			A
Lord, You are worthy of all praise
       C#m		  B			A
I will follow You all of my days