Be Thou My Vision

March 24, 2020 — Krystal Craven
Song title text overlaying a hand holding a compass with a mountain landscape behind.

This beautiful, doctrine rich, hymn was originally written in Gaelic by Irish poet, Dallan Forgaill, back in the 6th century. It was later translated into English by Mary E. Byrne in 1905 and versified by Eleanor H. Hull in 1912, which is what we know and sing today.

I normally play this song with guitar, but there was something about it when I sat down at the piano that gave it more of the classic roots and sound that really resonated with me despite adding in more contemporary instruments as well.

This is a favorite hymn of mine because the lyrics remind me that no matter where I am, what I’m facing, or what’s going on around me, God is my light in this world, the Ruler of all, and it’s by His power and might that I’m able to do things so He must be my vision to bring Him glory and finish the race of this life well.



Key: B

[B   E   B   E]

Verse 1:
[B]Be Thou my [G#m]vision, O [E]Lord of my h[B]eart
[F#]Nought be all e[G#m]lse to me, s[E]ave that Thou a[F#]rt
[G#m]Thou my b[E]est thought by [B]day or by ni[E]ght
[B]Waking or sl[G#m]eeping, Thy p[E]resence m[F#]y l[B]ight  [E]

Verse 2:
[B]Be Thou my wi[G#m]sdom, T[E]hou my true w[B]ord
[F#]I ever w[G#m]ith Thee and Th[E]ou with me, L[F#]ord
[G#m]Thou my great F[E]ather and Thy [B]child shall I [E]be
[B]Thou in me dw[G#m]elling and [E]I one w[F#]ith T[B]hee  [E]

Verse 3:
[B]Riches I he[G#m]ed not, nor m[E]an's empty pr[B]aise
[F#]Thou mine inhe[G#m]ritance n[E]ow and al[F#]ways
[G#m]Thou and Thou o[E]nly, fi[B]rst in my h[E]eart
[B]High King of h[G#m]eaven, my tr[E]easure [F#]Thou a[B]rt  [E]

Verse 4:
[B]High King of he[G#m]aven, my v[E]ictory w[B]on
[F#]May I reach he[G#m]aven's joys, br[E]ight heaven's S[F#]un!
[G#m]Heart of my o[E]wn heart, wh[B]atever bef[E]all
[B]Still be my vi[G#m]sion, O [E]Ruler [F#]of a[B]ll

[G#m]Heart of my o[E]wn heart, wh[B]atever bef[E]all
[B]Still be my vi[G#m]sion, O [E]Ruler [F#]of a[B]ll   [E]
[B]Still be my vi[G#m]sion, O [E]Ruler [F#]of a[B]ll