Applying the Bible

A weekly devotional designed to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, through practical application of spiritual truths from God’s word.

The words "Judge not, condemn not, forgive, give with good measure" overlaying a beach landscape with the focus on a Bible laying on the sand with driftwood around it.
August 18, 2022
Judge Not. Forgive. Give with Good Measure.

When Jesus told us to judge not, forgive, and give with good measure, He didn't just give us rules to follow, He had our good in mind. Here's how...

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The devotional title text of "But Jesus Said" overlaying a landscape of a vineyard with the golden sunset over it.
August 11, 2022
But Jesus Said

Jesus says that He wants us to do good to those who are against us and God is the very thing we draw from to do it.

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Devotional title text of "Blessed are the Hated" overlaying the image of a woman on the right yelling while pointing a finger at a woman on the left who is front facing and smiling.
August 4, 2022
Blessed are the Hated

As we wrap up the last Beatitude, it is a beautiful encouragement in light of what every follower of Jesus will face.

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The devotional title text of "Blessed are Those Who Weep" overlaying a woman sitting on the floor next to a bed weeping.
July 28, 2022
Blessed are Those Who Weep

The message of this beatitude is two-fold - weep over our own sins AND the sins of others. In light of that - Are you weeping now?

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The devotional title text "Blessed are the Hungry" overlaying a top down image of an open Bible on a placemat with a couple strands of wheat laying next to it.
July 21, 2022
Blessed are the Hungry

The idea of food, in both literal and spiritual senses, is something of great importance to God. Jesus addresses what it means to be satisfied.

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The devotional title text "Blessed are the Poor" overlaying the image of a person's hands holding open an empty wallet.
July 14, 2022
Blessed are the Poor

As Jesus spoke this Beatitude, what was He referring to and how do achieve this blessed state?

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Devotional title text overlaying a hand, palm up towards the camera, with broken pieces of green glass spread out in the hand.
July 7, 2022
The Power to Heal

When it comes to the truth about healing, Jesus is able to heal just as much today as He did back then, regardless of not being physically present on earth.

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The devotional title text overlaying the silhouette of a person's side profile as they hold their hands up near their face in a praying stance. The entire background is a peach gradient.
June 30, 2022
Make Prayerful Decisions

How often do you spend hours, days, weeks, or years in prayer over decisions and wait on God to reveal to you His will in the matter? You may lose sleep, you may set aside doing other things, but you'll never regret a decision made when you've sought the Lord's will before making it.

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The devotional title text overlaying a withered hand on a black background.
June 23, 2022
Restored By Obedience

As Jesus was teaching and saw a man with a withered hand, he was met with the judgements of the Pharisees. In this seemingly difficult situation, we see that restoration was had by obedience.

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The devotional title text overlaying a person with a red shirt and long hair, holding a white strip of paper over their eyes. The words "How You" are to the left of the person and the word "Identify" is over the white strip of paper.
June 16, 2022
How You Identify

In a world that celebrates self-identity, do you find your identity in Christ?

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Devotional title text overlaying a man in a black shirt and blue jeans sitting along a window wall on the floor with one leg bent while he looks upward.
June 9, 2022
Your Sins Are Forgiven

In our human minds, it is easier to simply say “your sins are forgiven” versus performing a miracle of healing, since forgiveness isn’t something tangible that can be proven. Yet when we really think about the cost of forgiveness, and the sacrifice Jesus had to make to offer us forgiveness, the miracle is the easier of the two.

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Devotional title text overlaying an hourglass with a wooden frame on a white counter with a white brick backsplash.
June 2, 2022
Life is Short, Pray Hard

In our current day, we don't have Jesus here physically to bring our friends to, but we have an even easier method through prayer.

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Devotional title text overlaying a teal background with a hand holding a pocket watch with the front face visible.
May 26, 2022
Making Time to Withdraw

Continually throughout the gospels, we see Jesus withdrawing to desolate places in between serving and it was to spend time in prayer with His Father. How different His effectiveness in ministry would have been if He wouldn't have intentionally set this time aside.

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Devotional title text overlaying a foggy lake with a close-up view of a small wooden fishing boat.
May 19, 2022
Fishers of Men

When Jesus called His first disciples, He told them they would be catching men from now on, yet He didn't specify how. The Holy Spirit empowered them then and empowers us now to continue in the fishing expedition of catching men.

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